Pole Pole


In Tanzania and Kenya, people know very well, it’s a mindset, a lifestyle, that we Westerners forgot or perhaps, never we knew.
POLE POLE, literally “really slowly” in Swahili language, is an invite to slow down, by doing everything with calm, patiently.
It’s just following the POLE POLE invite that we produce our wine, respecting and following the times dictated by nature and by the life cycles of the soil.

enogastronomia abruzzo
vini abruzzesi
vini abruzzesi
vini abruzzesi

The “label” universally acknowledged and paid to our region, as “strong and gentle Abruzzo”, perfectly embodies this philosophy.
The character of its people, always accustomed to earning everything they have got, blends perfectly with the kindness with which he gets.

It’s a kind of resilience, of patience that isn’t ever immobility, but a slowly progress, without ever stopping until it gives certain fruits.
The result of patient work, man and earth that together perfectly embody the philosophy POLE POLE is the wine that with strength and kindness is able to climb every mountain and get to the summit.

And right at the Kilimanjaro’s top came our flag, metaphor of all the determination of our wine that knows how to transmit the same stubbornness, takes up the challenge and, POLE POLE, wins it…

Special thanks to our friend Giacinto Ceroli and to all the members of the expedition that led us to the summit!