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Abruzzo Passerina

We use stainless steel tanks for the vinification process. Depending on how ripe the grapes are and on the previling climatic conditions, the graoes are harvested, destemmed and crushed. The skins and pulp are separated immediately at the crushing stage and the free juice is transferred to temoerature controlled stainless stell tanks for fermentation. Agign also takes place in stainless steel.

Grapes: Passerina 100%
Smell: fresh, fruity, fragrant
Food Pairing: aperitif, marinated fish, vegetables, sushi

Name: Abruzzo Passerina doc
Tyoe: still white wine
Grapes: Passerina 100%
Vineyard locations: civitaquana (Pe)
Vineyard age: 20 years old
Exposure: south-east
Altitude: 450 metres above sea level
Soil type: calcareous-clay
Vine training: Guyot
Vine per hectare: 4000 plants
Harvets: early october
Vinification: stainless steel tanks
Refining: 2 months in bottle
Alcohol: 13%
Longevity: best before 2 years
Decanting: 30 minutes
Service temperature: 6°c| 46°F
Look: intense straw-yellow
Smell: fresh,fruity and fragrant
Taste: soft, balanced
Food pairing: aperitif, marinated fish, vegetables, sushi