The Three Gems

There is a 1000 years old sanctuary situated at the border of our property.

The inspiration for our brand name comes from here. On the portal there is a low relief of Saint Anne which keeps baby Holy Mary in her arms.
On the sculpture there are three holes, one of the forehead of Saint Anne, the second on Holy Mary’s chest and the third on the feet of them both, which touches the ground.
The holes used to contain three gems, lost in time, that represented spark of intellect, strength of the heart and bond with the earth.
The sky that, through women connects with the earth and fertilize it. It is an ancient line, since the church lays on the ruins of a pagan temple dedicated to a goddess.

enogastronomia abruzzo
montepulciano abruzzo

There are some places where feelings become more intense and it seems that we can draw strength from nature regardless of time and space. It is the charm of fertility, of eternal reinassance.
We offer you its taste and scent, with our wine…
The welcoming landscape and our hills cultivated with opulent vineyards. They are protected by mountains and the sea breeze blows through them, coming from the Adriatic Sea that you glimpse on the horizon: it is a light blue line and a salty scent of wind, during the days in which it blows from east.

Viticulture as ancient origins in Abruzzo: since steel era there are many witnesses of cultivation of grapes. Thanks to Etruscan, around 500 years b.c., local population learnt how to “marry” vineyard with the three. Greek and Roman poets wrote about wines produced in this territory.
During the following years vineyards went through ups and downs, but monks were able to re-build this ancient tradition.

Nowadays, viticulture is well developed in Abruzzo. Our company cultivate native types of grapes in a priviledge position since terrain is situate between 365 and 550 metres above sea level, protected by mountains and nurtured by sea breeze. We take care of our vineyards with the same passion and strength of our predecessors.

This is our family heritage. Our duty is to look after it, with the aim of letting it grow and offer it to you.

vini abruzzesi
vini abruzzesi

Reflections on low relief

The matriarchal figure express feminism in all its fullness: the creative strength, the Jewish BeReYT, the same that gave birth to universe.
Mother and daughter are the same, it is feminism in all its greatness and it is expressed through the woman that is, at the same time, mother and daughter. But this greatness is full of energy at a point that the merge between these two figures creates a third figure (that will have birth), that is the one of Jesus represented through Mary.

In other terms, if Anne and Mary are the same person, together in their unity they are a third person (Jesus). And if Anne and Mary are visible, the third presence is not visible, but it enrich and give significance two the first two. The three holes repeat this trinity: the one on the bottom is the matter, from which mater, the one in the centre is the soul, the one on the top the spirit.

The hole in the centre is a double hole, the earth of Mary and the belly, two times pregnant, of Anne.

Special Thanks to Paolo D’Intino