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It is in Pescara province, in Catignano and Civitaquana area.
The micro climate is characterized by strong temperature change between day and night, that gives unique characteristics to grapes, that will turn in wines of varietal character.
This is the key point of our vineyards.
700.000m2 of vineyards: one of the biggest private ones in Abruzzo, located between 350 and 450 meters above sea level.

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Contrada Varano, Catignano (PE) Italy


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This story starts a long time ago, during the first years of 1800. Napoleon was ruling, and his traces are still present today. In our dialect we call chairs “siege” and the streets “ruve”.

Untill our grandfather generation our earth was divided in pieces and every piece had a name: Carbonazza, Piane di Maggio, Casone… each of them was associated to family of sharecroppers.
Farms, sharecroppers families, country houses and property were part of an harmonious structure with commitments, rights and bonds difficult to explain now.

Nevertheless, I still remember them, some of the old sharecroppers of my grandfather time. The peach basket that Nicolino used to bring to Donna Beatrice, my mother. She used to offer him a glass of red wine that Nicolino drank in the kitchen, while he was seated on a chair close to the wall.

Many people in the world share with us a strong love for earth, for the culture of our territory and for our people.
We build wines with the aim of bringing great pleasure and of confirming Italian passion for excellence, for joy of life and for style and beauty.
Style and beauty that everyone can bring with him/her, through letting themselves fall into the elegance of a bottle of wine.

The Three Gems

The inspiration comes from an old sanctuary situated at the border of our property.

In Catignano (Pescara), just at the border of our property, there is a sanctuary with a portal on which there is a low relief of Saint Anne which keeps baby Holy Mary in her arms. On the sculture there are three holes, which used to contain three gems, lost in time, that represent spark of intellect, strength of the heart and bond with the earth. To all of this we and to add a vision of a modern company that reflects also in the success on social media.

enogastronomia abruzzovini abruzzesi

Family history

The vine grower tradition reached new peaks with the introduction of a new and exclusive brand, created from the selection of the best grapes.

Our packaging

We create our wines for them to create great pleasure and to witness Italian passion for excellence, for life euphoria, for style and beauty. Even through their external aspect…

Our awards

We are proud to share with our wine lovers the awards we obtained in national and international contests.

Pole Pole... a wine produced with love, patience and resolution

It is precisely by following the call of “really slowly" that we produce our wine, respecting and following the rhythms dictated by nature and the life cycles of the soil.

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